Philosophy of Education is a field of inquiry, speculation, and application in which philosophical methods are applied to the study of a problem, topic, or issue in education. Characteristic of these methods is the attempt to think as accurately, clearly, coherently, and systematically as possible. Analytical philosophers would say that philosophy of education should end with the attempt to clarify and justify educational statements and arguments. In practice, however, the field includes much more than that. There is, much overlap with the field of history of education, and ultimately no clear demarcation can be drawn between the fields, which nourish and illuminate each other in the interconnectedness. Many philosophers of education also go beyond analysis in being concerned with establishing a commitment to value judgments and substantive positions. They take pains to attempt to clarify and justify those judgments and positions on the grounds that clear and substantiated judgments have greater probability of being sound.

Motivations to learning are more variable in man than in subhuman species. In other animals learning patterns develop largely through instinctual motivations. This means that lower animals need less training than humans before they are independent and self-reliant. Human beings are the most dependent of creatures when young, and they take longest to educate for independent activity. It is precisely this long period of dependence and education that constitutes man's superiorly over lower animals, for it is in this period that the growing human being absorbs much of his culture and develops the skills and knowledge that enable him to build on the work of his predecessors. His lower degree of reliance of innate mechanisms also means that man is more flexible in his responses and is capable of adjusting those response in the light of pervious expenses. Thus, he is not condemned to repeat previous patterns of living and thinking but can create change, both in himself and in his culture.

So far there have been discovered no limits to man's capacity to learn. From earliest times, however, men in positions of power or influence have suggested that the learning capacity of certain individuals or groups is severely limited and that they should not be expected to profit greatly, if at all, from education. These "ineducable" individuals have usually been members of minority or disadvantages have been removed, these groups have shown that their previous failure to learn has been happened not due to incapacity but due to the lack of fully realized opportunity.

Vocational Education-instruction intended to equip persons for industrial or commercial-may be obtained either formally in trade schools, technical schools, or in on-the-job training programs or more informally, by picking up the necessary skills on the job, industrial, agricultural and home making courses.

Every citizen in a modern democracy should be equipped to contribute effectively to the welfare of the society. Thus on practical as well as theoretical grounds and from social as well as individualistic point of view, it is necessary to equip every young person for some occupations so that he may contribute effectively to the satisfaction of human wants.

The vocationalization provides for diversification of educational opportunities so as to enhance individual employability, reduce the mismatch between demand and supply of skilled manpower.

In the context of reaching the unreached MNPE National Vocational Education system is being established firmly in India with a mission to take education to the doorsteps of the learners, enhancing social equality and creating flexibility for life long learning.

MNPE extends these Vocational Education Programmes, under National Vocational Education Mission which varies from one to two years duration, through its Vocational and IT Education Institutes which are well established with adequate modern infrastructure facilities and in house training facilities.

It is an added advantage that the development of curriculum, extension of training, information dissemination, monitoring, evaluation, consultant services and the quality and standards of teaching professionals are up to the standards. It is to be noted that these institutions serve as overall resources Centres.

Who We Are

Maa Narmada Professional Education Services Pvt. Ltd.

MNPE is a information technology and education development organization which provide opportunities of advance study to exceptional individuals who will use this education and technology to become leaders in the exceptional field , furthering development in their own country and greater economic and social justice worldwide. For this we promote certain new packages which will provide complete knowledge and gives the power to the candidate to become master in it field.

Maa Narmada Professional Education Services Pvt. Ltd. Conducting all the computer & professional education programmes throught 200+ study centers all over Uttaranchal, Uttarpradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh & Rajshthan. All the centers are fully equiped with labs.

Our Mission

Maa Narmada Professional Education Services Pvt. Ltd. is an Organization which is recognize with center Govt. of India and running with a mission of professional education and many more. In India about 70% populations belong to rural (Village) area. So Maa Narmada Professional Education Services Pvt Ltd. can establish there in those area. Where no computer education can be held and educate those student and they can be success in their life

The Maa Narmada Professional Education Services Pvt. Ltd. The MNPES has classified all its potential learners for its diverse academic, programmes into following groups:

Message From Desk

Learning as we all know is a life long process and the efforts to make the learning more informative, sensitive and by creating with hand, head and heart is always lasting. It contributes a major share in shaping up the all round personality of a student. You all will achieve your goal. Maa Narmada Professional Education Services Pvt Ltd will delivered some great institutions that would prove to be a light for its student and other to guide then for their bright future in the years to come. It provides professional education in rural area all states and has in a very short period of time to established center of excellence with modern facilities of Technological education for rural area aberrance Program. We would thanks to Franchisee and study centers, management, faculty and students for their interest and participation in this mission.

My Best Wishes Always With you.

Our Services

The MAA NARMADA PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION SERVICES PVT LTD offers the following core programs and services:

TAAG MAP: A highly individualized, structured, and comprehensive advising program which guides MBA candidates through the complete admission lifecycle — from answering “Is an MBA Right for Me?” and self-assessment to application submission and final admission decisions.

MBA OnTrack: A pre-MBA preparation program for college students and early career professionals, which includes one-on-one admission advising and career planning services.

Hourly Consultation Service: MAA NARMADA PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION SERVICES PVT LTD advisors are available for one-on-one, hourly consultations to discuss and assist with a range of MBA admission-related topics. This option is best-suited for those individuals who are interested in specific areas of advising or who wish to design their own advising programs.

Group Workshops and Public Seminars: The MAA NARMADA PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION SERVICES PVT LTD offers customized, on-site group workshops for organizations and private companies which employ or serve prospective MBA applicants. We also host and participate regularly in public seminars.

To enroll or learn more about our programs, please Contact us for a free consultation.

About us

The MAA NARMADA PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION SERVICES PVT LTD was founded in 2009 by highly skilled and principled admission professionals who are trained in the art of human assessment. We collectively share our professional experience in higher education, having rendered final admission decisions on thousands of applications at highly selective educational institutions.

As dedicated advisors, we are passionate about the pursuit of higher education and its lifelong benefits. A dynamic MBA education can be a transformative experience for you, providing the framework for success in any industry — from business to non-profit management. Yet, the admission processes at highly competitive MBA programs can seem opaque, daunting, and difficult to navigate.

Our Philosophy

The MAA NARMADA PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION SERVICES PVT LTD strongly believes that accurate self-knowledge, coupled with an understanding of the subtleties of the highly selective admission process, is the key to a successful application. Moreover, working with a dedicated advisor to articulate your talents and goals will enable you to take full advantage of the educational opportunities ahead of you.

MNPE Approach

With over 10 ears of admission experience (05 ars of which were at a top MBA program), The MAA NARMADA PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION SERVICES PVT LTD has an impeccable reputation for not only guiding clients successfully through the admission process, but more importantly, preparing them for their educational experience.

MAA NARMADA PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION SERVICES PVT LTD advisors have done it all in the world of admission, having traveled the world to recruit the best and brightest MBA candidates and made final admission decisions on tens of thousands of MBA applications. We draw from this unique perspective when advising our MBA clients.

Value Proposition

MAA NARMADA PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION SERVICES PVT LTD’s value proposition is enabling our clients to “walk in the shoes” of an admission officer. We help our clients achieve this by sharing our professional expertise, good judgment, and insights that have been finely tuned as the result of our admission experience.