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PG Diploma in Management and Entrepreneurship (PGDME)

Course description:
This programme is designed for students who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs to gain a fundamental understanding of entrepreneurship in an international context. It is ideal for those who are currently in a junior management position or wish to follow a career in management and are aiming at a future entrepreneurial role. It is also suitable for students interested in moving into a management role from other backgrounds or currently working in a support role. The course content includes Corporate Entrepreneurship, Risk Management, Strategy and Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship and Finance and Entrepreneurs.

PG Diploma in NGO Management

Course description:
The objective of this course is to familiarize students with the concept of NGOs and civil society, its role in bringing about social change and also its various dimensions. The course would help students understand various development issues and how the knowledge related to NGO management would help in resolving these issues. It would also help the students in formulating.

Strategies in various social contexts, in order to empower the underprivileged sections of the society. Students would also be informed about various programmes and schemes of the Government and the role of NGOs in their implementation.

PG Diploma in Hospital Management

Course description:
The Course curriculum has been designed to cover the conceptual and qualitative skills needed by administrators/managers in contemporary hospitals. The Programme is rigorous and practice oriented with a teaching approach that combines classroom lectures with case studies, team discussions and presentations and field visits to a wide variety of hospitals.

PG Diploma in Management (PGDM)

Course description:
Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a program with the unique courseware aims to equip the students with the skill set, knowledge base and creativity tools which will help them develop into business managers with competencies in at least two functional areas. Students of this program gain a rigorous theoretical grounding in the various areas of Business Management.

PG Diploma in Marketing Management

Course description:
During the last two decades, the nation and the world, have seen drastic changes taking place in the business environment. The winds of reform have been sweeping the economic landscape relentlessly. The environment and the organisation have been benefitted by the impact of change. Internationalization and the emergence of information technology have shaped the countries of both the external and internal environment.

PG Diploma in Retail Management

Course description:
Retail is one of the fastest growing sectors around the world. It is also thought to be one of the most exciting fields for a management career as it offers tremendous scope for regular and direct interaction with consumers.

The retail sector in India has witnessed a boom in the recent past, opening up several interesting opportunities for careers in different segments and at different levels. The growing demand for consumer products around the world is expected to give a further boost to the growth of the retail sector.

The PG Diploma Program in Retail Management is meant to prepare students / executives to take advantage of the growing opportunities to make successful careers in retail and related fields. The post graduate diploma in Retail Management major focuses the student on the retail management environment. The program emphasizes skill development in strategic management, marketing, supply management, product and brand management, retail operations, merchandising and personnel management that are unique to the retail industry.

PG Diploma in Criminology & Police Administration

Course description:
To promote fundamental and professional understanding and expertise in the area of Criminology and Police Administration. To cater to the requirements of the professional needs and expertise of the serving officials concerning the criminal justice administration. To prepare trained personnel to work in the areas concerning criminal justice administration.

P.G. Diploma course in Public Relations

Course description:
1- year course at: Department of Public Relations Advertising and Event Management.

Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training

One year course diploma course:
The aims of Nursery Teacher Training Programme is to prepare teachers for pre-primary schools, so that they are able to:

  • Develop an under standing of principles and process of various aspects of child growth and plan educatioinal activities accordingly.
  • Develop an understanding of the various tools and techniques of child study.
  • Be aware about role of parents and community in education of pre school and early primary school children.
  • Familiarize with methods, equipments and material of early childhod care and education with their effective use.

Diploma in NGO Management

Course description:
NGOs: In present situation NGOs are under pressure and really need skilled people because donor agencies now ask for the professional background of people working in the implementing agencies. So in such situation in NGOs lack trained and skilled then their proposal may get rejected by donor agency. On the other hand an organization has skilled people then it is bound to excel. NGOs can think of this certificate programme as in-service capability building for human resources in their organization and look forward for better development work y their people to accomplish the vision and mission of the NGO.

New Aspirants: Those who aspire to do something for society should join the development sector only after having in depth knowledge and rigorous training. They should be very clear with the ground realities and must be aware of what they would be doing in the field. The courses at MAA NARMADA PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION SERVICES would help the aspirant to explore the path s/he wants to tread on and endow him./her with knowledge to make a successful career and contribute to the development of nation.

Social Entrepreneur: a social entrepreneur is one who ventures in social area to bring lasting change, for betterment of the society. To make a person aware about the issues and needs of this sector, MAA NARMADA PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION SERVICES has come with this course. this program will help the learners to understand the requirements of development sector, process of registering NGO; apply for 12-A, 80-G, FCRA, other legal aspects and funding etc. the learner will find her/himself prepared with the latest knowledge about this sector and can become social entrepreneur in true sense.

Students studying development courses: these courses are also meant for students who are various courses like MBA-RM, MSW, BSW, DRD, BRD, MA(Sociology) etc. these students attain the basic knowledge about the rural development sector. Rural development itself is a vast sector and therefore needs to be clearly understood under different sub sectors. There is good demand of sector expert in development sector. The course at MAA NARMADA PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION SERVICES would offer the students to specialize in the area of their choice like WSM, MF, Rural Marketing, Health Education, NGO Management etc. this would give the students a deep insight into subject and prepare them for research/higher studies or occupation of their interest. This extra certification would defiantly brighten their prospects of grabbing a better job.

NGO, to all of us mean serious work and commitment. The only thing that sets the NGO is motivation and patience. Setting up an NGO or managing an NGO calls for complete commitment. It is not easy or relaxing.

NGO performs variety of roles in our society and there is hardly any area which is left untouched by the NGO, be it natural resources, finance, human settlements, social development, culture, education and energy.

NGO's have played an effective role in changing the scenario of the present world either by setting agendas or by pushing government to do things, which they needed to do.

By networking, co-coordinating and circulating information, by follow up and monitoring implementation problems, challenging power relationships, supporting the voice of the community and civil society and networking to exchange practical experience and mobilize resources for projects, NGO performs a wide variety of function.

Hey! I don't want to scare you off at this point, a career in NGO management is a highly fulfilling, it gives you immense peace and satisfaction. And this course in particular would help you in understanding lot of technicalities pertaining to NGO. So hang on!!!!

A career for you
If you have strong feeling towards some specific issues and want to make some difference in that area, if you posses initiative and integrity, this is .the field you should belong to. The opportunities are incredible now and growing every day. Whether you plan to open an NGO, provide funding for an NGO or work in an NGO the involvement would be emotionally rewarding. The opportunities offered here will give you insight into the career, give you the answers to your "getting started" questions and inform you as to the many ways to be a part of the world of the NGO's.

Cost of the Course: Rs. 6300/- + 12.36% Service Charges

The main objective of this course is to train you to become a seasoned NGO manager. Our training is sure to launch you in the field of NGO management and development. Not only that it is also aimed to equip you in such a way so that you are ready to launch your own NGO. This is more like a beginner's guide to all those who want to enter the field. By making you

  • Understand the working of an NGO
  • Understand the structure of the NGO
  • Understand the needs of an NGO
  • Understand the requirements for setting up an NGO

Who can benefit from the course?

If you have to benefit from this course, then you need to have basic skills like:

  • Love and craving to work for social causes;
  • Good patience and perseverance;
  • Good communication and marketing skills;
  • Organizational capacity;
  • Ability to handle persons coming from different socio-economic and cultural background ;
  • Loads of creativity.

Course Methodology

The fundamental concepts of the course are logically worked out into various modules in the course. Each module prepares you fully with some aspect of the field.

All you are looking for is available at the click of a mouse, no more roaming from university to university or institutes to centers offering certain restricted number of courses.

Creating virtual classrooms in order to keep pace with the growing need for education in an age bereft of space and time.

The content is designed in a way that you, not only get the understanding of the particular area but also learn how to set up the business and go about marketing and costing for various things.

All Comprehensive
The course has been designed keeping in mind not only the knowledge that you need to have about the subject, but also the skills that you need to acquire in the process and the information and hands on experience that you need to venture out and transform your knowledge into a business opportunity.


The Structure This is the list of what you will be learning in this course.


  • Definition
  • Activities undertaken by an NGO
  • Identifying the thrust areas
  • Skills required
  • Resources required
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of an NGO


Registering the NGO
Management of an NGO

  • Planning
  • Decision Making
  • Design for a Social Service Organisation
  • The hierarchy of an NGO

Personnel Management

  • Recruitment
  • Assigning Work
  • Co-ordination
  • Supervision
  • Training
  • AssessmentFinance Management
  • Social Marketing Network Expansion


  • Funding for the organisation
  • Proposal
  • Accountability of an NGO
  • Case Studies

NGO Management Course Objective in PDF format. Size about 352kb.