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Beauty Care : Overview

Beauty has been a concern of men and women since ages. The hectic lifestyles of today leave us little time for personal grooming than we had before. This has caused people - essentially women - to turn increasingly to professionals for treatment to give them that 'manicured' looks. Moreover, as a larger number of women begin to work outside their homes, the need to appear well groomed and attractive has assumed greater importance. Combined with the changes wrought in our lifestyles by the recent sharp rise in disposable incomes, this factor has turned beauty care (cosmetology) - into a multi-billion industry. Cosmetology includes the care and treatment of skin, hair, face and body and covers diet and exercise as well.

Earlier, this career was considered appropriate only for those with limited financial resources, schooling and social status. Many were mid-life entrants. Today, however, the returns generated by the industry have begun to attract entrants from all strata of class and education. Girls just out of school consider this career as an easy and viable option.

This area was once almost exclusively a woman's preserve. Now, as consciousness of the appearance grows, more and more men are coming in as both providers and seekers of beauty care. Success in this field has no relationship to the age of the practitioner.

Career as Beautician:

Looking for a Career Option as a Beautician ? This section features Beautician as a career option, elaborated with reference to the job profile, personality traits required, the courses and training involved, premier institutions and future prospects.

This profession offers excellent scope for entrepreneurship. Beauticians may practice their skills in skin care, hair care, hair dressing, cosmetology, etc all at the same time, or specialize in one of these areas. Eventually, they can evolve their own formulations for skin care, hair care, etc. and market them to their clients.

Earning a good reputation from satisfied clients is very important in this profession. Beauticians may start as employees in a big beauty establishment before deciding to branch out on their own. Fully qualified beauty specialists use various types of electrical equipment/apparatus. While dealing with problems of their clients related to skin, scalp or hair they know when to deal with them on their own and when to advise their clients to see a doctor. They work to ensure the best results for their customers.

Beauticians give treatment ranging from simple make-up and facial, to massage; skin treatment such as open pores, anti-wrinkle; electric depilation; manicure; pedicure; hair styling, perming, coloring, treatment of hair problems. They also advise clients on the use of the right type of cosmetics suited to specific skin types and complexions, weather conditions, etc. and can help them to select the right hair style for their hair texture and lifestyle. Beauticians can help customers to decide on the right type of beauty treatment in the long term.

In the age of computers, beauticians have begun to use computers to demonstrate the effect or suitability of various hairstyles on clients to help them to decide upon the best 'look'. A beauty parlour or salon is run by an owner/manager with a number of assistants. Beauticians should look fresh and well groomed always even though their work keeps them on their feet the whole day.

Women Courses

Beauty Treatments

Course description:
Massage for the body is a popular beauty treatment, with various techniques offering benefits to the skin (including the application of beauty products) and for increasing mental well-being and relaxation.

Facials stimulate the skin, relax the client, energize the face and restore the skin to top condition after daily exposure to the elements.

Manicure refers to a treatment for the hands, incorporating the fingernails and cuticles and often involving the application of nail polish.

Pedicure refers to a treatment for the feet, incorporating the toenails and the softening or removal of calluses.

Beauty salons offer treatments such as waxing and threading for hair removal.

Beautician Advance Course

Course description:
This Course will teach you basic and advanced beautician course and will make you a perfect Beautician.

Introduction, Self Maintenance, 10 Commandments, Threading, Waxing, Manicure, Pedicure, Bleaching, Steaming, Skin Care, Hair Care, Head Massage, Hair Styles, Hair Cuts, Hair Coloring, Henna/Dye, Facials, Cleanup, Make Ups, Mehendi, Galvanic, High Frequency, Perming, Straightening, Face Lifting, Dandruff Treatment, Hair Falling Treatment, Pigmentation Treatment, Parlor Management, Professional Tips, Theory, Practical done by students.

Course Duration : 3Months
Fees:- Rs. 5500/-

Beautician Special

(Short term self grooming course)

Course description:
This course will teach you how to groom yourself without the assistance of professional Beautician; you can give services to your relatives and friends after learning this course.

Threading, Waxing, Manicure, Pedicure, Cleanup, Bleaching, Hair Styles, Facials, Hair cuts, Parlor Management, Theory, Practical

Course Duration : 3weeks
Fees:- Rs. 990/-

Beautician Professional Course

Course description:
Introduction, Self Maintenance, 10 Commandments, Threading, Waxing, Manicure, Pedicure, Bleaching, Steaming, Skin Care, Hair Care, Head Massage, Hair Styles, Hair Cuts, Hair Coloring, Henna/Dye, Facials, Cleanup, Make Ups, Mehendi, Galvanic, High Frequency, Parlor Management, Professional Tips, Theory, Practical done by students

Course Duration : 2Months
Fees:- Rs. 1990/-

Advance Hair Cuts

Course description:
This course is designed for those who have already done basic hair cutting theory and practical. Mushroom Cut, U cut, Deep U Cut, V cut, Deep V Cut, Straight Cut , Step Cut, Baby Cut, Boy Cut, Diana Cut, Long Steps Cut, Feather Cut, Bob Cut, Blunt Cut, Theory, Practices done by student

Course Duration : 2Weeks
Fees:- Rs. 1500/-

Advance Mehendi Course

Course description:
Simple Mehendi, Arabic Mehendi, Black Mehendi, Pakistani Mehendi, Mehendi with Glitters, Golden/Silver Mehendi, Bridal Mehendi, Practices done by students, Theory, Certificate

Course Duration : 1Month
Fees:- Rs. 2500/-

Certificate in Dress Making and Designig

Course description:
Learn the skills you need to succeed in Dressmaking and Design — at home, at your own place with MAA NARMADA PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION SERVICES PVT LTD.

Develop your natural talent for Dressmaking and Design with online distance learning program. Your customers, neighbors, and friends will respect your skills and admire the clothes you create. Train quickly and conveniently with our “Quick Learn” method.

Learn how to:

  • Identify fibers and fabrics and care for them
  • Select the right material for a project
  • Mark, cut, and tack fabric for a proper fit
  • Finish garments and alter patterns

And you’ll learn it all at home – no classroom needed! You’ll get valuable information about alterations and fitting, drafting patterns, and designing by draping. Start a rewarding career in the field of Dressmaking and Design. Why take a Dressmaking and Design training program? With the right credentials, you can:

  • Work for a design agency, a tailor, or start your own business.
  • Create your own designs as a hobby or for extra income.

There will always be a demand for professional Dressmakers. Create new, unique styles for yourself or your friends and customers at half the cost, alter favorite garments, or add your special touches to costumes for special occasions.


Course Duration : 3Month
Fees:- Rs. 1199/-